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Tianjin Kaida Science And Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized concrete grinding services contractors in R&D, production, construction, training and export sales. The company has strong technical strength and has a professional concrete polishing services team that grows together with the flooring industry. It has participated in the construction of many well-known projects such as Toyota, Tasly Group, Yili Group and Poly Real Estate, and has rich experience.



The company is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of floor grinding machine, and provides concrete floor hardening repair of factory buildings, warehouses, sealing and curing floors, epoxy floor, epoxy color sand floor, anti-static floor, wear-resistant floor, ect concrete polish solutions construction services.

Concrete Seal Curing Floor System
Anti-static Floor System
Concrete Seal Curing Floor System
Concrete Seal Curing Floor System
Polyurethane Mortar Floor System
Super Flat Floor System

KAIDA can give you good concrete polish solutions

Technical Advice

Our technical support is able to answer any questions that you may have. We provide a 24Hr , 7 day a week assistance with our free on line service.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

KAIDA provides a complete concrete floor grinding service construction solution, from designing, fabricating, export sales, shipping to after sales service, and from factory directly to your site.

Logistics Coordination

Logistics Coordination

Our technical support is able to answer any questions that you may have. We provide a 24Hr , 7 day a week assistance with our free on line service.


KAIDA services rendered

Sealed Curing Floor Project

Address: Shanghai Puxu Machinery Workshop

Material: KAIDA seal curing agent, floor concrete grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner etc.

Customer Requirement:Dust-proof, heavy-duty, pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and maintain

Project Effect: No need to renovate the old ground for at least 20 years!

Service: Floor seal curing construction

Concrete Laser Leveling Paving Project

Customer requirements:Minimize construction joints and ensure the overall flatness of the workshop.The surface is strong, wear-resistant, non-slip, clean and tidy, easy to care.

Project: Integrated construction of concrete laser leveling

Service: The concrete is paved with a laser leveling machine, the surface of the corundum is wear-resistant, and the curing agent is used as a floor.


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