About of Dense Tempered Floor System

The KAIDA compact tempered floor system uses a complete construction process to harden the concrete floor and regenerate it. This system has been dedicated to turning new and old concrete floors into hard, durable and aesthetically pleasing floors. This is a widely used retail, industrial and commercial concrete floor that effectively saves on the cost of continuously updated floor covering materials. While hardening the concrete, the concrete floor, which is full of stains or difficult to clean, becomes the perfect floor for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Water Seepage Experiment

Advantages of KAIDA Compact Tempered Floor

1. Marble-like luster: KAIDA’s dense tempered floor system can show three levels of luster. (1) Slight gloss, regular use and cleaning can increase its brightness. (2) Super gloss, with good reflectivity. (3) Marble-like luster, the reflectivity is increased by at least 30%. Each gloss makes the floor easy to clean while enhancing the scratch resistance of the ground.

2. Wear resistance: According to ASTM C779 test evaluation, KAIDA compact tempered floor system can increase the wear resistance of concrete to 4 times. Increase the strength of the floor surface to a maximum to achieve unrivaled wear resistanc.

3. Increased impact strength: According to the ASTM C805 test, the KAIDA compact tempered floor system can increase the impact resistance of the ground by 21%.

4. Waterproof: KAIDA dense tempered floor system through the chemical reaction, sealing the pores of the concrete floor surface. This sealing process effectively prevents the penetration of water, grease and other contaminants.

5. Dust-proof: KAIDA’s dense tempered floor system blocks the surface layer of the floor and locks the salt in the concrete to achieve the dust-proof effect of the surface layer. Keep production equipment, machines and products away from concrete dust, significantly saving on maintenance costs.

6. Easy to maintain: KAIDA dense tempered floor system can make the ground smooth, dust-proof, greatly reduce maintenance costs, reduce all types of tire scratches.

7. LEED certification: KAIDA’s dense tempered floor system is a green environment-friendly type. The concrete dense tempering agent is a single substance that reacts with calcium hydroxide in the concrete through the modified silicate. That is to use a safe, natural material to increase the strength of concrete.

8. Weathering resistance: According to ASTM G23-81, KAIDA’s dense tempered floor system is effective against UV rays and water mist, and is durable and can carry daily traffic, friction and use.

9. Anti-slip property: KAIDA’s dense tempered floor system can obtain high-gloss ground, but it will not cause slipping phenomenon, and can effectively remove the hidden danger of joint slippage without damaging the environment.

KAIDA Dense Tempered Floor Test Data

  • ASTMC779: Increased wear resistance by 4 times
  • ASTMC805: 21% increase in impact strength
  • ASTMG23-81:Will not be adversely affected by UV rays and water
  • ASTM1028: Friction coefficient exceeds OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Regulations) and ADA (Mobile Data Automation System) standards
  • Breathability:Effectively prevents water vapor evaporation
  • Environmental performance: Colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic, completely environmentally friendly
  • Reflectance: Reflectance increased by 30%

KAIDA Dense Tempered Floor Application

The KAIDA compact tempered floor system provides a permanent, scientifically sound solution for solving concrete floor problems. After your compact tempered floor has been treated, it does not require any further refurbishment, covering or waxing, and only requires frequent cleaning. Providing you with a guarantee of at least 10 years of marble-like glamour is your no regrets choice.

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