1. Select the appropriate grinding disc according to the construction process and install it.

2. Use the left or right foot to step on the extended swinging lever. One can easily shake the 270kg floor grinder and gently level the grinder.

3. Adjust the operating handle to the appropriate position;

4. Add the water tank to the right amount of water. If it is selected, it can be used without water, and it should be equipped with an ash-washing device;

5. Check that the machine switch must be in the “off” position, connect the power cord correctly, insert the plug into the fuselage socket, and the red indicator lights up after the power is turned on.

Or the inverter display panel is lit;

6. Turn on the water switch, put some water in the right amount, and start the floor grinding machine after about 5 seconds (forward/reverse switch, pay attention to the start, the speed control knob should be no less than 900 rpm, you can adjust it at will after starting)

7. When wet grinding, use a water suction machine to suck up the sewage, and use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the ground dust. Check the floor leveling

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